A Connectional Church

Distinguishing Methodism from other denominations is the structure of the United Methodist Church (UMC). It is organized for ministry at several levels that maintain “connectional” links with one another. Both clergy and laity are elected to serve on governing bodies of the church, locally and across our conference.

United Methodists think of the local church as the visible extension of Christ in the world today. Ordained and lay ministers lead the local congregation, although every United Methodist is called to minister to others as part of the "priesthood of all believers".

United Methodists speak many languages and live in many different countries with many different cultures, ethnic traditions, national histories and understandings of Christian faith and practice. Each congregation is linked in a covenant community of faith around the world and across the connected congregations.

For more information, please see:

www.umc.org – The United Methodist Church

www.calpacumc.org- The California-Pacific Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. Resident Bishop: Rev. Grant Hagiya

Email the North District UMC: mailto:EastDistrict@cal-pacumc.org
North District Superintendent: Rev. Melissa MacKinnon

The UMC also has a free mobile app available from the App Store. Called UMCOM, it brings The United Methodist Church community to your mobile device.